Disability Support (DSPS)

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Student Rights & Responsibilities

DSPS Student Rights

  1. My participation in the DSP&S shall be entirely voluntary
  2. Receiving support services or instruction through the DSP&S office shall not preclude me from also participating in any other course, program, or activity offered by the college or from receiving basic accommodations required by state and federal law.
  3. All records maintained by the DSP&S office personnel pertaining to my disability(ies) shall be protected from disclosure and shall be subject to all other requirements for handling of student records.
Note: Authorities cited: Title 5 C.C.R. Section 56000 et seq., CA Education Code sections 66701.67310-67312,70901 and 84850.

DSPS Student Responsibilities

  1. I will provide the DSP&S with the information, documentation and/or forms deemed necessary by DPS&S to verify my disability(ies).
  2. I will meet with a DSP&S professional if I want to request accommodations for class(es). It is recommended that I do this before the start of the semester of enrollment. It is preferred that a Student Educational Contract be completed once per year.
  3. I will utilize the DSP&S in a responsible manner. I understand that the DSP&S uses written service provision policies and procedures that must be adhered to for continuation of services.
  4. I will attend all scheduled appointments with DSP&S professionals. If I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment, I will contact DSP&S staff at least 24 hours in advance of the day and time of my appointment. If I fail to adhere to these guidelines two times, I will meet with the DSP&S Coordinator and my services may be suspended.
  5. I agree that I will use any tape recordings of lectures for my personal use only and I will not share, copy or release the tape recordings or transcription to any other person or entity.
  6. I will meet the academic standards established by Cosumnes River College.
  7. I will comply with the Student Code of Conduct adopted by the college.

For more information please contact the DSPS office at (916) 691-7275.

Where to Find Us

Location: BS-104

MON - THU 8:00am-4:30pm
FRI 8:00am-4:00pm

Phone: (916) 691-7275
Fax: (916) 691-7398

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