Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminar
3 units
CSU Transferable
Credit counts under CSU General Education Pattern AREA E

1 section available during Summer Session (4 week section)
2 Sections available during Fall Semester (8 or 12 week sections)
2 Sections available during Spring Semester (8 or 12 week sections)

The Freshman Seminar which was designed to help students successfully transition from high school to college, emphasizes collaborative/active learning.  This course received the 2008 John Rice Diversity Award, and the 2012 Exemplary Program Award by the California Community College Board of Governors, and was highlighted as a model First Year Experience Program for new students in the “Basic Skills Initiative E-Resource” publication (2013).

Journal assignments, online resources, and interactive games help students to become active partners in their education and to develop the problem solving and decision making skills they will need to succeed in college.  Students complete an Educational Plan as a formal assignment, and learn how to access campus support services, and to identify and address potential obstacles to academic success.  90% of students who completed the course said they would recommend it to other new students.

Topics covered will include: How To Get Organized, Exploring Your Academic Journey, Deciphering College Publications, Financing Your Education, Problem Solving Strategies, How to Run Effective Study Groups, Tips for Transferring to a University, Academic Integrity and more.