Math and HCD Learning Community



Photo of Dane Gbeintor.

Dane Gbeintor

I had the opportunity to join the Learning Community two years ago at CRC. It has really changed my way of thinking. I believe that college is for me now. I am epitome, and want to become an exemplifier student. I am charismatic and hard work without the Learning Community, college would have become a struggle for me. I quote, "Do not let other people opinion of you become your reality." -Les Brown. 

Photo of Moses Kollie.

Moses Kollie

The Learning Community at CRC benefitted me as a student..

In term of education the Learning Community is very helpful in different aspects of my learning. The Learning Community provides text books and enrolls students in their recommended classes. The program and instructors are supportive and committed to the success of their students. One of the goals of the Learning Community is to place students on the right path to be successful in their college career. I would gladly recommend this program to other students. I am grateful to Consumes River College, the Learning Community Program, and the Learning Community instructors. They inspired me to give back to my community and my country in whatever way I can.

Photo of Monique Reveles.

Monique Reveles

I had the opportunity to join the Learning Community Program my first semester enrolled at CRC. I feel like the Learning Community has really changed my life and gave me a positive outlook on my education and reaching my goals. I have received a lot of support from the Learn Community faculty. I hope to see other students have a chance to experience what the Learning Community has to offer.