Course Reserves

Course Reserves

The CRC Library provides a Reserve Collection of textbooks and course materials in support of student success.  The Reserve Collection contains high demand items that are given a short loan period to ensure that all students enrolled in a particular course have an opportunity to use them. Faculty may request that items be added to the Reserve Collection by filling out the form located below.

Reserve materials are kept behind the Circulation Desk and students need to request them by using the item's library call number. This can be obtained by searching the Library Catalog (LOIS).

What You Can Put on Reserve

  • Library-owned books, media items, and other material
  • Personal copies of books, media items, and journals*
  • Lecture notes and exams

Requested items owned by the CRC Library will be pulled from the stacks and processed for reserve. Books that are requested for reserve which are not already owned by the Library may be ordered based on the Library's Reserve Collection Development policy and available funding. Additional time (typically 1 to 3 months) is required for the acquisition and processing of new items.

A free desk copy of an assigned textbook is often available from publishers upon instructor request. Instructors are encouraged to explore this option. The majority of our Reserve Collection has been built through instructor donations.

*Please note that items in poor condition may not be accepted for use in the Reserve Collection.

What You Cannot Put on Reserve

  • Personal video recordings from television broadcast
  • Rented videos or DVDs or borrowed books
  • Consumable textbooks (typically workbooks)
  • Other items which are not exempt from copyright law
  • Non-exempt copyrighted material for which written permission has not been obtained

Copyright Clearance

Instructors must obtain and submit written permission from copyright holders for items that he/she wishes to place on reserve that are not exempt from copyright law.

Submitting Reserve Requests

While requests are processed as quickly as possible, please submit your request at least 1 week prior to making assignments from the reserve material. Sufficient time should be allowed for staff to process reserve requests. Processing includes affixing the appropriate labeling and adding or updating the library catalog. Submitted material is processed in the order in which it is received and is available to students upon completion of the processing.

Please note that in order for students to stay on top of initial course assignments, it is very helpful to have reserve material available at the start of the semester. In order for this to happen, please submit your reserve requests at least 1 week prior to the start of the semester.

Reserve Request Form (download to access fillable form)

Helping Your Students Access Reserve Material

After you submit a request to add an item to the library's Reserve collection, you will receive a confirmation email from a library staff member letting you know that the Reserve material is available for your students to use. This email will contain a "call number" which is an identifying number that your students need when using Reserve materials. We encourage you to post the call number(s) for any items you have on Reserve in your syllabus to help students quickly access your material. In addition to the call number, your students will also need a Student ID card in order to check out library materials.

Removing Items from the Reserve Collection

Since the Reserve Collection is intended for high-demand items that are required for courses in the current semester, we regularly review the collection and remove items that are not currently in use or are of low usage. Items that are removed from the Reserve Collection may be moved to the circulating collection or may be permanently removed from the library's collections. When placing materials on Reserve, you may specify whether your materials should be returned to you at the end of the semester or donated to the library's collections.

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