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What I Be

What I Be

What I be.

On Friday, February 24, 2012 Davis-based photographer Steve Rosenfield presented his What I Be project to the CRC community. The What I Be project is a series of portraits in which individuals reveal an insecurity about themselves by writing a word or symbol on their face or upper body and then providing a caption that starts with, "I am not my (blank)..." Mr. Rosenfield photographed members of our own CRC community for this project and his photos will be on exhibit in the library starting in March 2012.

Mr. Rosenfield’s project can be an effective way of promoting our Safe Spaces initiative and one that will hopefully open up discussions on campus regarding bias, discrimination, and the idea of promoting CRC as an inclusive, positive, learning environment. We invite members of our community to use the project as a teaching tool and point of discussion in the classroom.

We are grateful to our courageous students and staff who allowed Mr. Rosenfield to take their portraits and reveal that they are not the sum of their insecurities or how people judge them based on external characteristics. We appreciate the financial support of the Professional Development and Cultural Competence and Equity committees, the expertise of the CRC Photography Program, and the technical support of CRC Media Services.

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