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Fall 2015 Special Elections on Measure A: Universal Transit Pass (UTP):

Members of the Los Rios community:
The contract with Regional Transit is scheduled to expire in November 2016. Negotiations to continue the
Universal Transit Pass program for five more years took place over the past year. At the completion of
negotiations, a student election for the renewal was held September 22-23, 2015.
The results of the recently held student election are as follows:

Results by Question  
Total Voters: 3819  
Choice Votes Percentage
Vote "YES"  3611 96
Vote "NO"  135 4

Now that the students have approved the agreement, the item will be brought to the Los Rios
Community College District Board of Trustees for ratification at the October 21st meeting. We are pleased that
students will be receiving a UTP pass (valued at $500) for less than $32, and will now have the opportunity to
purchase a summer pass for a flat rate of $10. This pass helps students who don’t have cars by giving them
inexpensive access to transit aswell as students that do have cars by opening up parking spaces, and helps all
of us by reducing pollution and traffic.


Fall 2015 Special Elections for Cosumnes River College Student Leaders


Clubs and Events Board Officers:ASCRC Logo

Merissa Heredia, Secretary: 182 votes

Tony Tran, Director of Finance: 186 votes