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The Student Ambassador Program (STAMP) began in the Fall Semester 1999. Its initial principle was to train Cosumnes River College students to represent the college at 
various campus, district and community events. Fall Semester 2002 introduced its vision and mission statements, uniform shirts and adopted the acronym ST.AM.P. Since its conception, STAMP provides paid student positions and continues to evolve into a premium experience in leadership development.

The Student Ambassador Program is a comprehensive student advancement program of prestige that encourages connective leadership1 as it supports the mission and vision of Cosumnes River College.


STAMP is a dynamic team of student leaders dedicated to supporting student success, serving and promoting Cosumnes River College to current and prospective students, guests, and Alumni. STAMP offers leadership training and professional development opportunities for its members.


How Student Ambassadors Fulfill the Program’s Vision and Mission
The heart of what an ambassador does is “Student Engagement” using public relations skills to build community and serve students in two main areas: campus and community services and student support services.


1Connective Leadership occurs when leaders: 1) create a sense of community where many diverse groups are valued; 2) join their vision to the dreams of others; 3) recognize technology as a tool to bring together committed leaders and constituents for common purposes; 4) encourage constituents to assume responsibilities at every level; 5) join other leaders as colleagues, not as competitors; and 6) serve their community before themselves.



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