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Recent Activities


CRC Enriched Scholars program supports SB 12!

SB 12 Hearing Participants

Students, campus representatives, and advocates in favor of SB 12 celebrating the unanimous passing of the bill through the committee! 

Rosalia Adams and Tony Tran

CRC Enriched Scholars Students Rosalia Adams and Tony Tran Supporting SB 12

ESP Capitol Building

Michelle Dean (ESP foster youth liaison), Tony Tran (student), and Rosalia Adams (student) at the California State Capitol Building

On March 15th CRC participants Rosalia Adams (student), Tony Tran (student/student body president), and Michelle Dean (ESP Foster Youth Liaison) went to the California State Capitol building and spoke to the committee in favor of Senate Bill (SB) 12 where it was passed unanimously! In collaboration with representatives from John Button Advocates for Youth, we believe this is the best start to passing a bill through legislation that supports foster youth in post-secondary education. There are a few more hearings for the bill to pass through before the final vote by the Governor around September/October but we are excited to assist the bill to make changes for foster youth students across California Community Colleges!


SB 12 is a bill focusing on providing current and former foster youth students at community colleges with greater access to financial aid assistance through the following provisions: (1) expand the CAFYES grant from 10 to 20 community college districts; (2) develop an automated system to verify a student’s status as a foster youth when processing applications for federal Pell Grants; (3) requiring a point person to be responsible for assisting youth who are at least 16 years of age with applications for postsecondary education and related financial aid. 

Fall 2015 End of the
Semester Celebration   
Fall_2015_ photo
A tour to CSUS Guardian Scholars


sp 15 tour



ESP Alumni Advocating for SB 1023 Foster Youth Education Funding for Post-secondary Education, California Community Colleges. 


ESP Alumni SB 1023


SB1023 Funding


Update: SB 1023 Foster Youth Education Funding for Post-secondary Education, California Community Colleges.

Short-fall, even though SB1023 Passed, funding has not been assigned to support SB1023 initiatives 



EOPS Academic Achievement // Spring 2014 Graduate Honoree Speakers


   Honoree  Honoree     ESP Student Shalanda Allen       ESP Student David Williams Jr.


   EOP Graduation/ GPA

ESP FY Academic Achievement 2014

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