Test Proctoring (DSPS)



Please note: This section is for use by CRC instructors with DSPS students only

(Only instructors are authorized to submit test information).

Before submitting an exam or quiz, please read the file icon.Test Proctoring Guidelines for instructors

You may select one of the following methods for submitting proctoring requests:

  1. Use the "Electronic Submission" link which will take you through an online process for completion of the proctor form and allow you to attach the exam or quiz.
  2. Download either the PDF or Word Document. Submit the completed printed form and attach a hard copy of the exam(s). Please attach the adequate quantity of exams you wish proctored by staff at P-48.


If you have questions about how to use this website, refer to the "Test Proctoring Guidelines for Instructors" for contact information. If you have further inquiries or input, please contact the DSPS Coordinator at x7273.