Acute Care Practicum
4 Units
Prerequisite: PHARM 350, 380, and 400 with grades of "C" or better
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 240 hours LAB
This course develops practical skills in the didactic and practicum phases of pharmacy technician training in the acute and home care environment. Acute care includes hospital and/or long-term care facilities. Home care includes exposure to infusion therapy. The clinical experience is performed under professional supervision. A preceptor (Licensed Pharmacist or Certified Pharmacy Technician) evaluates the student's performance at the site. Students will directly interact with clients and other health care professionals. Students must have a TB clearance and any other immunization required by the clinical facility. Students must have an established Agency Agreement on file with the faculty with a sponsoring site prior to the beginning of the first day of class. Contact the Careers and Technology Main Office for information about the Agency Agreement.