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For Instructors

Helpful Information for Faculty

Helpful Information for Faculty

  • EGC Building Hours: Monday – Thursday, 7:30am - 10:00pm                                     Friday, 7:30am - 5:30pm
  • Due to security protocol changes at all Educational Centers, keys for faculty have been requested.
  • As is the case at the main CRC campus, faculty will be responsible for securing classrooms. In case of emergencies, faculty now have capacity to secure the classroom.
  • If you are running late, or will be absent, please call the EG Center at (916) 525-4300, so we can post the information for your students. Leave a message if you are sent to voicemail.  PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL. You should also call your division office on the main campus to inform them of your absence.
  • Provide your contact information for students on your syllabi.  Please do not refer students to the main Elk Grove Center line on your syllabi; we cannot take personal messages from students for instructors.
  • If you are new to the Center, please look for a pouch in your mailbox with a few helpful tools.

Mail/Workroom - Room 102E

  • The mail/workroom has a copy machine, fax machine, scantron machine, refrigerator, coffee pot, microwave, and basic office supplies.
  • You will need to use your copier code (provided in your mailbox), however, that code is not intended for large jobs.
  • Send duplicating requests of more than 20 copies to the CRC Duplicating/Printing Services, and be sure to identify Elk Grove Center as the delivery location and allow extra time for travel. 
  • Scanned documents can be found in the share drive under EGA102E-ToshibaScan.  This folder is checked regularly and documents dated one week or older are deleted. 
  • Any outgoing mail goes in EGC mail tub; incoming inter campus mail will be placed in your mailbox.
  • Be sure to check your box regularly, your division office may forward items to you here. 
  • Students are not allowed in the workroom.

Faculty Office Space - Room 108E

  • You need an employee prox card to access this room. Your division administrative assistant should process this request for you.
  • Meetings with students may be held in this location. If you are meeting students in this area during office hours, please let your students know to knock loudly.
  • Students should NOT be left unattended in Room 108E.
  • Computers are available for your use. Please remember to log off after use.
  • Room 108E is a shared space so please be respectful of others using the area; please remember that extended conversations can be distracting for other colleagues preparing for class.   
  • Please do not remove any supplies belonging to the office space.

IT and Media Cabinets

  • We do not have an IT person onsite; if you have any issues with the computer or media equipment, please enter a help desk ticket, or use the instructions posted on the media cabinet.  If you place a help desk ticket please cc the Center Supervisor (tiffany [dot] clark (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu) so the Center staff will be aware of the issue.
  • For additional media training, contact Media services at (916) 691-7371.
  • A limited amount of VGA cables, presentation remotes, and headsets are available for check-out for the duration of your class period in the student services area.

Custodial Services

  • Custodial personnel come midday (for bathroom maintenance) and late evenings (entire building).  Should you find a need for additional garbage cans or a broom in your classroom or note something that needs to be addressed, please inform our staff. 

Homework Policy

  • Please notify the EG Center staff if you will accept homework in your mailbox. We will not accept homework without prior faculty notification.

Student Services

  • Monday - Thursday, 8:00am - 7:00pm and Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm.
  • Admissions and Records, Cashier Services, Counseling, & Student ID cards/UTP Stickers
  • We carry a supply of the following scantrons: 2020-c, 815, 825-e, 882-e, 883, 884, 886.
  • Please advise your students to plan ahead when purchasing scantrons! 
  • Financial Aid hours are Monday –Thursday 8:00 to 4:30pm.

Learning Resource Center/ Tutoring Services/Math Center & Reading Writing Center (Room 204)

  • Computers and GoPrint printers are available for student use.
  • Tutors in Math and English are available; please refer the students to the LRC for tutoring availability.
  • Students may enroll in  Math Center or Reading Writing Center at the EGC, hours are posted in the LRC.

Library Services

  • The EGC has a small 2-hour reserve library in the LRC, if you would like to put a book on reserve please fill out the request form (available in the faculty work office space) and send it to the CRC Library.
  • Books may be requested through the Library website and picked up here in the LRC.

Campus Safety

  • A campus patrol officer will be on campus throughout the day. Please notify the patrol officer or the Center Supervisor with any safety issues you may have.
  • In case of emergency call campus police at (916) 558-2221. Be sure to indicate that you are calling from the Elk Grove Center (See blue placard posted on the wall).
  • The Emergency Response Notification Icon (ERNI) is located on all computer desktops in case of an emergency. If this is accidentally double-clicked, you must call Campus Police to notify them there is not an emergency.
  • Please refer to the Emergency Response flyer (in your mailbox) for more information on how to respond in an emergency.

In case of an evacuation please follow these procedures:

  • Follow instructions from the ACES Floor Captain (will be wearing an orange vest)
  • Depending on the reason for evacuation, meet at the following rally points. (ACES floor captain will notify you of the rally point)
  • Rally Point A (Default)—Staff Parking lot (front of the building)
  • Rally Point B— The West Concrete Wall
  • Rally Point C— Whitelock Parkway 


Where to Find Us

Location: 10051 Big Horn Blvd Elk Grove CA, 95757

M-Th 8:00am - 4:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

Financial Aid:
M -Th
8:00am - 4:00pm

Learning Resource Center:
Closed until June 18th 

Phone: (916) 525-4300

Elk Grove Center