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Hiring Tutors for Summer and Fall 2018

Hiring Tutors for Summer and Fall 2018

Position Description: Seeking Student Assistant Tutors in English, math, and chemistry. Works one-on-one with students to help them understand material covered in class. Works collaboratively with the student to identify needs. Utilizes student’s class notes as a resource. 
Qualifications: Must be enrolled at CRC in a minimum of 6 units for fall. Must have passed courses in which you will tutor with an "A" or "B." Tutoring experience in subject matter preferred. 

Recommendation by an instructor who teaches the subject. 

Have sensitivity to and demonstrate respect for students of various backgrounds. 

Application Instructions:

Apply in person at the Elk Grove Center's Learning Resource Center EGA204 or email your application to lopez-i (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu  

Deadline May 11, 2018

English Tutor Application  file icon.Student_Assistant_Job_Application_RWC.pdf


Math or Chem Tutor Application file icon.CRC_Math_Tutor_Application_EGC.pdf

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