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Patrons Club

Patrons Club

Photo of Patrons Club

Patrons Club Members from left to right: (Standing) Kay MacDonald, Bonnie Williamson, Maria Gould, Pat Deatherage, Elizabeth Galbreath, Annaclare Entrican, Lesley Ostman, Maureen Gormley, Diane Piper, Violet DeBord, Carole Mercer, Rosemarie Miller, Barbara Claire, Mary Bulford, (Seated) Sheri Spitaleri (Not all Patrons Club Members shown)

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does."
- Margaret Mead

A Bit of CRC History

In 1971, ten local residents met with CRC's first president to organize a group to act as liaison between the then new college and the community it would serve.

Calling themselves the Patrons Club, the members agreed to hold monthly luncheon meetings on campus, with programs to orient members to the operation and needs of the college.

As the years passed, membership grew; but the work of the Patrons Club never varied from the original goal of raising money for student scholarships and providing funds for special projects on campus. In 1972, the club donated $1,250 for scholarships and college needs. By 1974, that sum rose to $1,600. The club currently gives nearly $13,000 annually in scholarships.  Click here to view a listing of scholarships that are offered by the Patrons Club. If you are a CRC student and are interested in applying for any of these scholarships please view CRC's Scholarship Information web page.

In addition to supporting scores of students with scholarships, the Patrons have financed other campus needs including choir robes, draperies, a bus shelter, library books, trophy cases, trees, helping the Child Development Center, and establishing a President's portrait gallery.

As Cosumnes River College continues to grow, so does the work of the Patrons. Members have organized a variety of activities to raise much-needed funds. They support students and remain an effective liaison between the campus and community . . . the goal of the organization when it was founded more than three decades ago.

Sheri Spitaleri is President of the Patrons Club for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Brunch and Champagne Cocktails - May 4, 2019

The CRC patrons Club held their first Brunch and Champagne Cocktails fundraiser in the Pear Orchard on Saturday, May 4. Attended by almost 100 people including Patrons, CRC faculty and staff, and community members, participants sipped champagne cocktails and sangria while tasting the wonderful food prepared by the CRC Culinary Arts management program. Included on the menu was rack of lamb with pistou sauce, quiche Lorraine, composed pear salad, grilled asparagus salad, a salmon board, and assorted baked goods. In the middle of the event, attendees were treated to a short scene from “The Wind in the Willows” performed by CRC Theatre students Ky Mazyck-Holmes (Rat), Abbye Chick (Mole), Gabby Rocco (Badger), and Robert Michaels (Toad). The event concluded with the closing of the silent auction, which included items donated by the Culinary Arts Programs and members of the Patrons Club. Proceeds from the event will benefit CRC students in the form of scholarships, mini-grants, and program support.

The Patrons formed in 1971 when their goal was to act as a liaison between the then new college and the community we would serve. Since then, they have raised thousands of dollars in support of our campus. The Office of Philanthropy would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to the CRC Patrons for their support of our faculty, staff, and students.

Patron BrunchPatron Brunch