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Employee Giving

Employee Giving

Employee Giving LogoYou give of yourself daily through your work, and Cosumnes River College appreciates all you do to have an impact on the lives of thousands of students each year. No matter what your job is, you play a role in helping the college educate the best and brightest people in our community. If you are passionate about supporting scholarships, student success, and educational programs, you won’t have to look far to find your passion represented at CRC. This is why we ask that, as employees, you think about the impact you can have when supporting a cause you care about on our campus.

Interested in supporting our campus but not sure how? There are multiple ways to give!

Payroll deduction is a fast, easy way to support the program of your choice. Fill out the online Payroll Deduction form and you are one step closer to contributing to the success of our campus.

Give online

Make a check payable to the Los Rios Colleges Foundation and mail it to:
Cosumnes River College
Office of Philanthropy
8401 Center Parkway
Sacramento, CA 95823
or drop the check off at the Office of Philanthropy in Winn 109.
Have questions about the impact of your support? Contact the Office of Philanthropy by stopping by Winn 109, calling (916) 691-7491 or by SteineM (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu (email).

Why I Give

Michael Carney with Students I came to CRC with very little knowledge of community college and, frankly,   didn't have the highest aspirations for CRC students. By the end of my first   year here, all that had changed and I became a "believer." I regard CRC   students as among the best and brightest college students anywhere and I   truly believe each student can get "there" (in terms of aspirations) from   here! Working with STEM students in MESA, I read and hear stories of   students in high-unit, rigorous majors who strive to balance a myriad of   responsibilities that extend beyond academics to family and work. These   students often share how they wish they had more time to study and they   apply for scholarships hoping to find relief from their extremely busy lives. As you know, something as small as a $100 scholarship equates to that many more hours a student can devote to studying instead of working. In some cases, scholarship awards allow students to finish their degrees and/or transfer sooner, placing them that much closer to their academic and career goals. Perhaps more importantly, the scholarship awards imply to students that the donors, the Foundation, and the application review team members believe in them and are willing to invest in their future. My cousin recently purchased his dream car and was shocked that the sales person let him take the car for the weekend before making a purchase decision. When my cousin asked the sales rep why he let him take the car, he replied, "because I could see you owning it!" I know the CRC Foundation can "see" the scholarship recipients achieving their goals and living their dreams.

I give to the CRC Foundation because I'm all about providing impactful opportunities to our students and I consider the CRC Foundation a strategic partner in this regard. Michael J. Carney, MESA Coordinator


Denise SailorI am an employee of Los Rios Community College District and donate through a payroll deduction.  It’s an easy way to support a wonderful program. The Foundation program consists of a very caring and knowledgeable staff of two, the Director of Donor Relations, Michele Steiner and the College Relations Specialist, Liz Starbuck. These two ladies along with a very supportive group of CRC Alumni work long hours putting together fundraisers and searching for funding to support CRC students who may not be able to attend college without the Foundation’s Scholarships. What could be a more deserving program? Denise Sailor, Clerk III, Careers & Technology


Ryan Connally and Students  I’m happy to give to the CRC Foundation through  payroll deduction because I see      first hand, every day, how important it is for our students to have access to financial    resources, and I like to feel like I’m contributing to that, in my own small way. I’ve        also been lucky enough to be a faculty recipient, through faculty mini grants, where    the CRC Foundation has helped to support student projects that go beyond the          scope of our regular classroom projects, like our SMUD solar race boats! Ryan Connally, Professor, Construction Technology; Department Chair