CRC Office of Philanthropy

Payroll Deduction Form - Employees Only

Employee Contact Information
Indicate the fund you would like to support. e.g.: Athletics, Culinary Arts, The Hawk Spot Food Pantry, etc.
The Honor Roll is a list of donors who have supported our campus during the current academic year and will be updated yearly. The list could be included on the website, donor wall, and in printed publications.
By typing my full name in the box above. I hereby authorize the Los Rios Payroll Department to deduct the designated amount indicated on this form each month from my pay warrant beginning with the pay warrant date as indicated above. I understand that payroll deductions are ongoing monthly deductions until I notify the LRCCD Payroll Unit in writing to discontinue such deductions. I understand that I can change my college designation of my Annual Fund deduction at any time by notifying the Los Rios Colleges Foundation Office in writing.