Computer Information Science



  1. Who can use the Computer Lab in BS-145A?
    All currently enrolled CRC students.

  2. OK, I am taking one of the above classes but I still can't log on, now what?
    You are not typing in the correct user id, and/or password or the log on.  See an Instructional Assistant or student helper and show them the error message you are receiving and they can help you to log on.

  3. Why do I need an account?
    Your account is your student ID number. All students at CRC have an account automatically generated for them after they register. Your account also comes with a personal network drive (the U drive) so that you can temporarily save your work if you don't have your own disk. In Windows Explorer your U drive starts with W(your student id)

  4. I can't remember my username or password, what do I do?
    Visit the Logging On page

  5. What is a "N:" drive?
    The "N:" drive is where your CIS instructor may store files for their students to access. Open the folder with your instructor's last name and transfer files onto your floppy, zip disk, flash drive or the U drive. If you need assistance just ask an Instructional Assistant or student helper. P.S. you can only access the N drive from a computer lab on campus.

  6. What is a "U:" drive?
    The "U:" is a space reserved for students using the Computer Lab. Students that have accounts to use the lab may save their documents to the U: Drive. The U drive is named your log-in name, W(your student id), and is only accessible to you. All files will be erased from the U drive when the semester is over. You can access your U drive from any computer you log on to on campus.

  7. How do I get to the "N:" and "U:" drive?
    After logging on to Windows, the desktop will automatically appear.  Click on the File Explorer button on the task bar and scroll down the left panel, the N and U drives are located in “This PC”.  To access a drive, click on its name.

  8. I am at my U drive but I can't open the files or delete them or am getting an error message that I do not have the proper permission, am I up the creek without a paddle?
    Contact an Instructional Assistant and they can reset your U drive so you can work with it, you will not lose your files.

  9. What programs are available on the lab computers?
    The programs change every semester to correspond to the courses being offered. Windows 10 is the operating system.

    Microsoft Office 2016:

    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Access
    • Publisher
    • OneNote
    • Outlook
    • SharePoint

    Other Programs:

    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Edge
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • VLC Media Player
    • Movies and TV
    • Windows Media Player
    • Paint 3D
    • Photos
    • Computer Calculator (10 keys)
    • MicroPace Pro 2.0
    • Keyboarding Online (URL)
    • Visual Studio 2017
    • Dev-C ++
    • Flowgorithm 2.43 (Flowcharts)
    • Raptor 4.07 (Flowcharts)
    • Java 8
    • NetBeans ID 8.2
    • R  3.4.0 (Data Analysis and Graphics)
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    • Microsoft Silverlight 4/5 SDK
    • QuickBooks 2018
    • WinSCP
    • Windows PowerShell
    • Adobe Acrobat DC
    • Adobe Acrobat Distiller DC
    • Adobe Bridge CC 2018
    • Adobe InDesign CC 2018
    • Adobe Animate  CC 2018
    • Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
    • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018
    • Adobe Preclude CC 2018
    • Adobe Flash Builder CC 2018
    • Adobe Illustrator CC 2018
    • Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018
    • Adobe Lightroom
    • Adobe Audition CC 2018
    • Adobe AfterEffect CC 2018

    General Advices

    • Let Lab Staff know if the computers are malfunctioning.
    • Students should save work often; the college is not responsible for work lost due to equipment failure or student help errors. Save you work to your own flash drive, your U: drive, email it to yourself as an attachment, or use a free service that you can upload files to. It is generally not a good idea to save it to your desktop or My Documents except as a temporary save while you are working on them.
    • Before removing your USB drive right click on the small icon in the lower right of your screen that has "Safely Remove Hardware" as a screen tip then left click on "Safely remove USB" tool tip that appears, a message should then appear saying "Safe to Remove Hardware".