Computer Information Science

Lab Rules

Lab Rules

General Rules:

  • Food and drinks are forbidden in the lab.
  • Children are not permitted in the lab.
  • Leave your area clean.
  • Students must have their own account and do their own work.
  • Keep noise to a minimum. This is a study zone.
  • Do not turn off the computer! Log off only.
  • Keep backpacks and belongings out of the isles and do not leave them unattended.
  • Please refer to the Code of Computer Ethics & Los Rios Computer Use Policy for additional details. Both are available in printed form at the front desk.

Internet Use Policy:

  • Internet access is for class assignments only. Sites including, but not limited to, ,, are generally not homework and therefore are not allowed in the labs.
  • Students found transmitting unsolicited information, including profanity, discriminating, harassing, threatening, obscene, or lewd themes will be banned from the lab.

Lending Lab Books:

  • Only students with a current Student Access Card may borrow lab books. Books may not leave the lab.

Computer Lab Aides:

  • Student Assistants are here to assist you, not to tutor you.

Software Rules:

  • Downloading or installing of personal software is prohibited.
  • Copying software from the computer is prohibited.


  • The cost of printing/copying (black & white) is 10 cents a page. Printing/copying (color) is 50 cents (LRC 204 lab only).
  • Your Student Access Card is your print card or you may purchase a print card in the BS145a lab or the library. (Currency only, NO coins). Value may also be added to your card in the LRC 204 lab, BS145A & the library.

Cell Phone Rules:

  • Turn OFF cell phones, or set to vibrate.
  • Take all phone conversations outside of the lab.

By logging onto the computer, you agree to follow all of the aforementioned rules.
Violators may lose computer privileges.