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Online FAQ

Online FAQ

What To Expect in an Online Class:

Students who enroll in an online class for the first time often are unclear about what to expect from that online experience.

Below, please find some questions and answers:


Is an online class the same as a self-paced class?

No. While some online classes are self-paced, most CRC online classes are NOT self-paced classes. The due dates for documents and class participation reflect those of a "regular" on-site class. Documents, class participation, and drafts all must be completed by preset dates and times.

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How much time do I have to spend online?

That is up to you. You should plan to spend at least the same amount of time you would spend on a face-to-face class. That is, for a three unit class -- you'll spend a minimum of three hours a week checking for new assignments, contributing to discussions, and posting homework, and probably another 9 to 15 hours on homework, working primarily on your essays and research. For a one unit class, it would be less, of course.

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Do I have to log on to class at a particular time?

No. You will have day/time-specific deadlines by which to post your homework or complete quizzes, but when you complete that work (2am or 11:30 pm or any other time) is up to you.

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Is there anything I can do to get prepared before the class starts?

All the courses will use our Los Rios online course management system called Canvas. You can begin by reviewing the information on the Help tab to prepare your computer and yourself for the start of the course.

You should also purchase the textbook or other materials assigned for the course. 

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How can I get contact the instructor before class starts?

The most effective way to contact the instructor will be to use email and voicemail.
The Faculty List has email addresses for each instructor and links to their web pages.

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Is taking a class online easier than a "regular" class?

No. Some may think it's even more demanding than a regular face-to-face class in that you have to stay motivated and stay on top of your work for the class. The workload that you face in an online class usually is identical to that of an on-site class on the same topic.

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Who will be most successful in an online class?

It has been shown that the most successful online students tend to share the following characteristics:

  • self-motivation/self-starter
  • good organization and time-management skills
  • somewhat familiar with computers and the Internet
  • resourceful--they actively seek answers and solutions to questions and problems

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Do I have to have a computer to enroll in an online class?

While having easy access to a computer remains an essential part of success in an online class, you do not have to own a computer. Students can access computers on the CRC campus in several locations or at other district colleges. Several students complete online classes from work (having arranged this beforehand with their employer, of course).  

Whatever computer you plan to use, you should ensure that it is configured correctly to work smoothly with our servers.  Check the recommended settings BEFORE your course starts and set up your computer to facilitate access to the course sites by click on the Help tab on the Los Rios eLearning Canvas.

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What Internet skills would be helpful in an online class?

Answer: The most successful students have had the following Internet skills:

  • Familiarity with their web browser and an email program.
  • Know how to make and organize bookmarks in your browser software.
  • Some familiarity with web-based interactions--bulletin boards, newsgroups, listservs, email, and newsgroups will also be useful.
  • Some familiarity with word processing.
  • Experience in successful Internet searches using a variety of search engines.
  • See below for a list of web tutorials that might be helpful if you are new to using the Internet.

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