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Are Online Classes For You?

Are Online Classes For You?

keyboard with a key labeled future.Online education can be very convenient, but before you pursue this mode of learning, you need to consider if it is right for you. To succeed in an online course, you need to have (or should quickly develop) the following traits:

1. Time management skills
We realized that education is not the only focus in your life; you may also havecommitment to work, family, personal interests, etc. Having time management skills means you are able to prioritize your tasks and time to complete all course related tasks necessary, while fulfilling your other non-school related responsibilities.

2. Self-motivation
Online courses allow a high level of autonomy and flexibility. You are not required to attend class at any specific time, but at a time convenient for you. You must be motivated to log on to the course no less than 2-3 times a week to stay on track. Even with the most supportive faculty and staff, students may fail if they are not self-motivated. The most successful students are the ones who continuously motivate and push themselves to stay engaged and see all tasks through completion.

3. Comfort with technology
Due to the nature of the program, it is important that you are comfortable with using technology. In order to enjoy the experience of an online course, and ultimately find success with this mode of learning, you must be comfortable with the use of e-mail, the Internet, and common software programs such word processing. If you are not familiar with using technology, we highly encourage taking an introductory course in personal computers and online education prior to enrolling in any online Nutrition and Foods courses.