Nutrition and Foods


Certificate of Proficiency
Nutrition and Foods, Community Nutrition
Code #1553

This certificate advances student's understanding of the interaction between nutrition and health. The focus is on community wellness through dietary choices, as they relate to nutrition needs of individuals throughout the lifecycle, cultural influences, community programs targeted at addressing nutrition-related issues and basic food preparation techniques. After completing the classes for this certificate, students may apply credits toward CRC's Nutrition and Foods associate's degree program. Students earning this certificate are not qualified to practice medical nutrition therapy.  The Nutrition department offers courses both on-campus and online to accommodate varying students' needs.

Certificate of Proficiency
Plant-Based Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture
Code #2001

The Plant-Based Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture Certificate Program brings farm-to-fork into the classroom. It provides the science that supports the benefits of whole plant-based foods to the health of the individual as well as the environment. Students will gain knowledge in the function of plant-based foods towards the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. The program addresses the environmental and social concerns with strategies and principles of sustainable agriculture. Students will master the theories and skills of plant-based food preparation bringing the food to the fork and into everyday food choices.