Nutrition and Foods

Curriculum & Recommended Sequence of Courses

Curriculum & Recommended Sequence of Courses

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What subjects are studied in this program?
Along with the nutrition courses, you are also required to take the general education courses in order to obtain an associate's degree. The prerequisite courses emphasize the science to provide a foundation to apply nutrition. Chemistry, anatomy, biology, and psychology are also required. These courses are helpful in understanding food (science), nutrition, nutrition therapy, and literature reviews of scientific articles. In addition, there are courses on food preparation, food service, cultural foods, nutrition during the lifecycle, nutrition therapy, and metabolism.



Download the Recommended Academic Pathway for the AS & AS-T degree in Nutrition and Foods planning/worksheet:   

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Display of Proposed Sequence:

Suggested Sequence of Courses and Offerings-Degree Program
Nutrition and Foods with the minimum requirements for an Associate of Science Degree

Fall 1 Spring 1 Summer 1

CHEM 305 Intro to Chem I*
or CHEM 300 Beg Chem* if taking CHEM 400 in spring 

NUTRI 300 Nutrition 3 units
GE-Area II(a) Eng Composition SUGGESTED: ENGWR 300 College Composition 3 units
BIOL 102 Ant & Phys* 4 units
GE-Area III(a) P.E./Living Skills 1
  15 units


BIOL 310 Gen Bio or

BIOL 400 Principles of Biology

4 or

5 units

NUTRI 322 Nutri Issues Throughout Life 3 units 
CAM 306 Culinary Sanitation & Safety 2 units

GE-Area II(b) SUGGESTED:  STAT 300 Intro to Prob & Stat (4 units) or ECON 310 Econ Statistics (3 units)

3-4 units 
(CHEM 400 General Chemistry I 5 units)
  12-14 (18-19) units


Or G.E.
Fall 2 Spring 2 Summer 2

PSYC 300 Gen Principles

3 units
NUTRI 370 Food Service Mgt  3 units
CAM 301 Food Theory & Preparation* 3 units
Elective-SUGGESTED:  CHEM 401 General Chemistry II* 5 units
(BIOL 440 General Microbiology* 4 units)
  14 (18) units
NUTRI 340 Nutri & Metabolism 3 units
NUTRI 350 Comm Nutrition 3 units
NUTRI 310 Cultural Foods of the World 3 units
GE-Area I SUGGESTED:  PHIL 310 Intro to Ethics 3 units
GE-Area V(a) Social & Behavior Science:  American Institutions 3 unit
  15 units
Or G.E.

*Includes lab
**G.E. = General Education courses or its equivalent

BIOL 400, 440 are transferable to CSUS Didactic Program.

CAM 306 you must take the ServSafe certificate exam to avoid having to repeat a similar course when you transfer.

CHEM 400, 401 are transferable to CSUS Didactic Program.

STAT 300 or ECON 310 are transferable to CSUS Didactic Program.

The G.E. (general education courses), CHEM, BIOL, Math and/or PSYC courses can be taken in the summer to lighten the load during the regular school year. Please see the program counselor for the specific science courses that will transfer to a particular four-year didactic program in dietetics.

Suggested electives for fulfilling the Gen. Ed. or 60-unit degree requirements:

II(b). Languages and Rationality: Communication and Analytical Thinking -- STAT 300 Intro to Probability and Statistics or ECON 301 Economic Statistics

IV. Natural Sciences -- BIOL 440 General Microbiology

Suggested course sequence for the Associate of Science - Transfer to a bachelor's degree in Nutrition & Dietetics at a CSU (includes the pre-requisite courses):

Fall 1 Spring 1 Summer 1

NUTRI 300 Nutrition

3 units
Area A2 SUGGESTED:  ENGWR 300 English Composition 3 units
Area B4 SUGGESTED:  STAT 300 Introduction to Probability & Statistics or ECON 310 Econ Stat

4 units 

(3 units)

Area A1 SUGGESTED:  COMM 301 Intro Public Speaking 3 units
CHEM 300 Beginning Chemistry* 4 units
Total Units  17 units


Area A3 SUGGESTED:  ENGWR 301 College Composition 3 units
CHEM 400 General Chemistry I* 5 units
PSYC 300 General Principles 3 units
Area C1 2 units
Area D 4 units
Total Units  17 units


Fall 2 Spring 2 Summer 2

CHEM 401 General Chemistry II*

5 units
Area F1 or F2 6 units
Area D 3 units

Total Units  

 14 units
CHEM 420 Organic Chemistry I* 5 units
BIOL 440 General Microbiology 4 units
Area C1 or C2 3 units
Area C2 3 unit
Total Units  16 units


Suggested Sequence of Courses and Offerings-Certificate Program-Nutrition and Foods, Community Nutrition

Fall 1 Spring 1 Summer 1
NUTRI 300 Nutrition 3 units
CAM 301 Food Theory and Preparation* 4 units

NUTRI 310 Cultural Foods of the World

Total Units

3 units

10 units 

NUTRI 350 Comm Nutrition 3 units
NUTRI 322 Nutri Issues Throughout Life 3 units

PSYC 300 Gen Principles (OPTIONAL)

Total Units

(3 units)

6(9) units