Broadcast Journalism


DEGREE: A.A. Broadcast Journalism
Code #1057

Suggested Electives to Consider for fulfilling GE or 60-Unit Degree Requirement:
II(b). Communication and Analytical Thinking
COMM 311 Argumentation and Debate
COMM 315 Persuasion
V(a). American Institution Requirement
POLS 301 Introduction to Government: United States
V(b). Social and Behavioral Sciences – Other
ECON 302 Principles of Macroeconomics
POLS 302 Introduction to Government: Foreign
POLS 310 Introduction to International Relations

Associate Degree
The Broadcast Journalism Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree may be obtained by completion of the required program and general requirements as well as sufficient electives to meet a 60-unit total. See CRC graduation requirements.

See Radio, Television & Film Production section for other programs and offerings.