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Honors Program Description

A course of study for academically accomplished students
Admission to Honors Program
Acceptable for credit: CSU, UC - See Counselor

Program Description

Designed specifically for academically accomplished students or those with the potential for high academic achievement. CRC's Honors program provides opportunities for intellectual growth beyond those generally found in most undergraduate programs.

Honors courses are special intensive courses in which students will confront and attempt to resolve difficult questions that arise in a careful study of the issues found in the discipline(s).

Honors students are expected to research aspects of these questions and present their findings to the class in written form for seminar discussion. Field trips to attend events or to do research may be an integral part of the Honors course experience. Students who successfully complete units from Honors courses may be able to count these units as part of the Transfer Breadth Requirements (see the “Preparing to Transfer” section in the front of this Catalog).

The Honors Program offers one-unit seminars, three-unit seminars, and three-unit lecture courses. Honors seminars are modeled on the freshman and sophomore seminars at the University of California. They provide the same opportunities for CRC students: experience in a small, rigorous seminar that challenges them to do bold, original, and creative thinking, confront recent theory and primary research, and express themselves in classroom exchanges and critical papers. Honors seminars are often interdisciplinary in nature and present advanced topics outside or beyond the general curriculum. Honors lecture courses rigorously address topics within the general curriculum. Three-unit Honors seminars and Honors lecture courses are created to satisfy specific general education requirements at CRC, California State University campuses, and the
University of California.

The Honors Program encourages applications from all interested students and enrolls individuals into the program based on evidence of their potential to benefit from the Honors courses. We ask that students provide us with information that demonstrates their interest, motivation, preparation and potential for this form of study. Students interested in applying for membership in the Honors Program will find applications available from area offices, program faculty, or online at

For information about the student learning outcomes for this program, see