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Student Government

Student Government

Program Description

Leadership is a rewarding challenge that can greatly enhance college life and help students be prepared when needs or opportunities arise. The Student Development's leadership courses are designed to help students develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities in order to successfully perform in current and future leadership roles. Under the auspices of the student association, those enrolled in this program have a variety of opportunities to serve on the Student Senate, and/or college committees of participatory governance. Enrollment in the program does not require the student to hold an elected position in the student association.


  • Professional, enthusiastic staff whose work ethos is student-centered
  • Access to knowledgeable staff resources about campus facilities and opportunities for student and staff engagement
  • Participation on college committees to help develop and determine policy as it relates to student issues
  • Opportunities for practical experience in leadership at the local, district and state levels

Transferable courses may or may not satisfy lower division major preparation, general education, and/or elective requirements. Please meet with a counselor for specific transfer course evaluation.

For information about the student learning outcomes for this program, see