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The CRC community has great participation when it comes to recycling and source reduction. We have a number of ways to recycle products and participate in source reduction.  
Large blue containers through out the offices and buildings.
Classrooms and office workstations have a garbage can for recycle and a sidekick container for trash that hangs on the recycling can.

Below is a list of items that can be recycled:
Paper & cardboard products
Boxes that transports paper, envelopes, etc.
Paper-all colors, computer and ledger (remove post-it-notes)
Paper ream wrapping
Manila file folders
Most paper products that do not have a wax coating
Junk mail
Envelopes without the plastic window
Newspapers and magazines
Phone books
Aluminum and Tin

Below is a list of items that cannot be recycled:
Contaminated paper/cardboard products such as pizza boxes, used paper towels, napkins, and take-out paper bags that have oil stains etc.
Multi-material items such as pens, diskettes, etc. These include any item that has more than one material (plastic and metal, and so on).

Source reduction includes making double sided copies, using forms on-line, sending out announcements through the internet, and e-mailing newsletters and any correspondences.