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abrahal (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu (Email Lisa Abraham), Professional Development Coordinator

meinzp (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu (subject: CASSL) (Email Paul Meinz), IT Business/Tech Analyst I

sencils (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu (Email Sabrina Sencil), Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness 


Universal Funding Request Form

Universal Funding Request Form

This form must be completed to receive campus support for cultural events/activities and/or individual/group professional development.

Due to the complexity of fund allocation and the required paperwork (e.g. approved travel authorization/reimbursement form), please submit your funding request 45 days prior to the date of the first activity/event. Submit to: deana (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu

Do not fill out form from the internet web browser. Download the form onto your computer, then send your completed form as an attachment. Technical instructions are detailed in the Universal Funding Request Form.

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