Outcomes Assessment Task Force (2007-2009)

Outcomes Assessment Task Force (2007-2009)

Participants: Marybeth Buechner (Co-chair), Dana Wassmer (Co-chair), Pat Blacklock, Brad Brazil, Cori Burns, Dan DuBray, Jeanne Edman, Dave Hodapp, Estella Hoskins, Kathy McLain, Sue Palm, Travis Parker, Rich Shintaku, Norv Wellsfry, Margaret Woodcock, Lisa Marchand, Teresa Aldredge, Chris Thomas.

Committee Charge



Assessment Loop Graphics (The Why and What of Assessment)

Draft Assessment Process (February 2008)

2008-2009 Outcomes Assessment Pilot Information and Forms

Final Recommendation (Spring, 2009)

Important Links:

Link to the NEW (as of Fall 09) Outcomes Assessment Online Reporting System

Link to the NEW (as of Fall 09) Learning Outcomes Dialogue Subcommittee Page  NOTE: The Outcomes Assessment Task Force completed its work in Spring 09 and has been institutionalized through the formation of this shared governance subcommittee.