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CRC Honor Code

CRC Honor Code

CRC’s Honor Code serves as a bridge between the College Catalog’s formal treatment of academic integrity and the day to day decisions of the members of our academic community. Its focus is on core academic values, the appropriate expression of those values in behavior, and the way those values create and sustain our academic community. It is intended as a straightforward tool for communicating and clarifying the college’s fundamental expectations. It is also intended to be used frequently and easily.

Suggested Honor Code Uses:

  • As a syllabic supplement
  • In conjunction with major assignments
  • In conjunction with field trips/special events
  • As a classroom management tool
  • As documentation in the context of:
             Referrals for 'Student Code of Conduct' violations
             Grievances processes
             Student Disciplinary Appeals processes

Cosumnes River College Honor Code*

Approved by the Cosumnes River College Academic Senate on 10-26-07
Approved by the Cosumnes River College Executive Council on 3-27-08

I understand that Cosumnes River College (CRC) values academic integrity. Academic integrity requires:

  • Honesty, which means:
        A commitment to truthfulness
        The refusal to steal or mislead, cheat or plagiarize
  • Fairness, which means:
        The willingness to treat others as I would wish to be treated upon careful consideration
  • Respect, which means valuing, in attitude and practice: 
        All human beings
        My community at CRC and beyond
  • Responsibility, which means: 
        Recognizing that the quality of a CRC education and the quality of the CRC student experience
          depend upon my behavior
        Accepting, at all times, the consequences of my actions

I understand that I, as a member of the Cosumnes River College community, am responsible for upholding this value, supporting academic quality, academic rigor, and an appropriate college atmosphere.

 * This code is modeled after that of Santa Monica Community College, Santa Monica, CA 

Please click on this link to print the Honor Code signature form to share with your students: 
Honor Code Form