Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Learning Outcomes Dialogue Subcommittee

Learning Outcomes Dialogue Subcommittee

On November 10, 2015 the College Planning Committee recommended that the Learning Outcomes Dialog Subcommittee be discontinued.  The following recommendation was approved by the Participatory Governance Committee and President Bush in April of 2016 and the CPC formally updated its charge to reflect the change.  

November 10, 2015

To Constituency Leaders:

The College Planning Committee (CPC) recommends that its Learning Outcomes Dialog Subcommittee (LODS) be discontinued and that there be minor changes to the CPC’s charge.  The system by which the college reports on its program, course, and activity assessments is in place, and programs and the college have established schedules to support the ongoing and systematic assessment of outcomes.   Tracking and supporting the implementation of these schedules is an administrative, not participatory governance, responsibility.   Furthermore, summaries of current outcomes dialogs are accessible online to the broader college community. The Program Overview and Forecast (PrOF) captures and responds to planning implications of outcomes assessment and provides an additional opportunity for dialog, analysis and implementation of assessment results. Furthermore:

  • The majority of LODS’ charge has been achieved by integration of outcomes assessment with other college processes and functions including Curriculum, PrOF and the Research Office.  
  • The CPC regularly assesses and modifies PrOF after each cycle. Since assessment planning and reporting is now a component of PrOF, this bi-annual PrOF assessment will be expanded to include the assessment and improvement of the college’s assessment processes—heretofore a primary function of LODS.
  • A review of the LODS minutes prior to fall 2014 indicates that LODS primarily served to advise the Outcomes Coordinator.  However, LODS has been on hiatus since fall 2014.  During this time, the CPC’s meeting agendas have included monthly reports from the Outcomes Assessment Coordinator.  This demonstrates that the CPC has already been fulfilling this function of LODS.
  • The remaining aspects of the LODS charge will continue to be performed by the Outcomes Assessment Coordinator as a regular reporting member of the College Planning Committee. 

An analysis of the LODS and CPC charges indicates the following minor changes need to be made to the description of the CPC in order to formalize the aforementioned responsibilities:


  • Provide input to, and work with, the Outcomes Coordinator to ensure that all college entities carry out outcomes assessment.
  • Disseminate assessment results to the college community to guide planning processes.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Outcomes Assessment

Committee Membership

  • Faculty Membership: The Committee shall include ten (10) faculty designated by the Academic Senate President. The faculty will include the chair, the college faculty researcher, the Outcomes Coordinator and one representative from each of the college's divisions.

These changes are reflected on the attached modified charge. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like more information related to this recommendation.



Kim Codella, Chair of the College Planning Committee