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Classified Professional Employee of the Year

Classified Professional Employee of the Year

Classified Professional Employee of the Year

Each year classified professionals, faculty, and management nominate colleagues that have exhibited exceptional commitment and service to our students and institution.

Congratulations to Paul Meinz, our 2018 Classified Professional of the year!


His nomination:

Paul Meinz is an incredible colleague to work with. He genuinely cares about how his work directly or indirectly effects students. His work ethic and dedication to the College are commendable. Rather than provide a grocery list of his contributions, I’ll focus on two major ones. First, he has been instrumental for the College’s piloting of multiple measures ahead of AB705 changes. He effectively navigates political conversations that involve math and English by focusing the conversations on data. In addition to his contributions to implementing multiple measures for placement at CRC, he has also made program-specific data accessible everyone’s program review by creating an interactive data dashboard. I should add that his expertise in using R and programming background allowed our College to avoid purchasing expensive off-the-shelf third party applications, and instead developed it at zero cost (other than his salary).  These two major contributions to the College were also developed with student equity in mind. While evaluating outcomes for the multiple measures for placement pilot, Paul analyzed outcomes to see if these changes contributed to closing disparities between student populations. And, with the Hawk Dashboard, he included the ability for programs to identify within their programs, which, if any, student populations were disproportionately impacted with respect to course success and representation and discuss and plan for how to address these outcomes.

This is Paul’s third year working at the College and in higher education, and he continues to think of ways to make data accessible and useable in our everyday work. Since he joined CRC, he has exponentially increased the Office of Institutional Effectiveness’ capacity. It’s a pleasure to be able to work with and learn from Paul.