Participatory Governance Council

Participatory Governance


Participatory Governance Council


The Participatory Governance Council (PGC) is the participatory governance committee responsible for matters relating to college leadership and governance.


The PGC facilitates efforts to improve institutional effectiveness through direct communication between the College President, Senate leaders, and participatory governance tri-chairs, providing transparency throughout participatory governance decision-making processes, streamlining leadership and governance structures, and encouraging collaboration between and among organizational units or committees with overlapping responsibilities.

Areas of Responsibility

1.     Oversee the structure and function of participatory governance and modify as needed to ensure effective leadership and governance.

2.     Review recommendations from participatory governance committees to ensure that they align with the College and District Strategic Plans, Accreditation Standards, statutes, initiatives, or other external or internal standards or criteria.

3.     Coordinate and monitor the progress participatory governance committees are making toward the Strategic Plan.

4.     Serve as the Accreditation Steering Committee.


Tri-chairs: College President (non-voting member), Academic and Classified Senate Past Presidents

Members: Academic and Classified Senate Presidents; LRMA Representative; ASCRC President (or designee) and two additional student representatives appointed by the ASCRC in consultation with the College President; Tri-chairs of the Institutional Effectiveness, Resources, Student Learning and Student Services participatory governance committees; ALO; and Faculty and Classified Accreditation leads


Monthly. [Minimum of two meetings per semester.]

Rules/Operating Procedures

1.     Refer to Participatory Governance Handbook for General Rules/Procedures