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Understanding Your Placement:

As one of the mandates of Assembly Bill (AB 705) passed in Fall of 2017, CRC has updated the method for placing students in their first English or Math course and will now be using "Multiple Measures" such as a combination of high school course information, high school GPA, and assessment information. You will be automatically placed into English and math classes if you included all of the requested information about your high school records on your CCCApply application.*

You can find your placement results for English Reading, English Writing, English as a Second Language (ESL) and Math in your eServices account under "Student Center", then select the "Steps to Success" tab. Your placements are displayed in the "Assessment Placements" section. Placements may be based on a review of your academic record or an assessment test. Please see messages below from CRC academic departments concerning your placements.

* For those who have graduated high school more than 10 years ago or graduated high school in a foreign country, you will not receive an automatic placement.  Please call the Assessment Center at (916) 691-7332) for further information.

For more information about the tests administered by the Assessment Center, please visit our Testing Offered page.

If you would like to review any areas before you test, please visit our Study Guides page.


If you have taken the AP calculus exam or AP stat exam, EAP or CAASPP exam please submit a completed Math Challenge Form file icon.MathClearanceChallengeForm718.pdf to Admissions and Records and bring proof of your exam scores with you. For information on how to get Into the Right Math Course click here 


If you have received a placement of ENGWR 300, you do not have to go to the Assessment Center for an English-Writing assessment.  
If you have placed into any other English-Writing class (ENGWR), you may go to the Assessment Center to see if you can test into a higher level of English-Writing.  
Here is a link for the CRC Assessment Center where you will also find the current testing schedules:


If you have received a placement of Test Out—Competency Met, you will not be required to take an English-Reading (ENGRD) class.  If you placed into any ENGRD class, you may go to the Assessment Center to see if you can test into a higher level of English-Reading or to see if you can meet competency. Here is a link for the CRC Assessment Center where you will also find the current testing schedules:


If you are still learning the English language and feel that you may need to take the ESL assessment, below is a link with additional information: file icon.CRC_ESL_FLYER_2018.pdf

ERWC Coursework:

If you have passed an ERWC (Expository Reading And Writing) 12th grade course, please bring a completed English Challenge form EnglishClearanceChallengeForm718.pdf to Admissions and Records along with a copy of your unofficial transcript.

Courses taken Outside Los Rios:

If you have passed a math or English class at a college outside of the Los Rios Community College District, please review the pre-approved course list:




If your course is included on the pre-approved list, please bring either an official or unofficial transcript to the Admissions & Records Office, along with the appropriateMathClearanceChallengeForm718.pdf or  EnglishClearanceChallengeForm718.pdf. Admissions & Records staff will assist you with getting the prerequisite cleared.

If you do not see your non-Los Rios course listed, you will need to challenge the prerequisite by completing a file icon.MathClearanceChallengeForm718.pdf and submitting to the Math Department located in SCI-501 or by fax to 916.691.7437.  

English prerequisite challenge forms are available only in the Humanities and Social Sciences Area Office, located in SOC-158.

Hours of Operation:
Testing hours vary. Click link below for schedule:

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Library Building, First Floor, L-106C

Contact Information:
(916) 691-7332 

Email: crc-assessment (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu (subject: Assessment%20Inquiry)



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