Re-test Policy

Re-test Policy

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** Standard Assessment Practices - Frequently Asked Questions**

The Los Rios Community College District, effective Oct. 1, 2015, has established standard assessment practices for all four colleges, including important changes to retesting rules. These new practices will apply to every student, regardless of which college(s) they attend, who are planning to take the English as a Second Language (ESL) assessment.   

Please note that ATB and Math Competency testing have seperate re-test policies.  Refer to our "Testing Offered" section.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the new practices.

What must students do to prepare for taking the assessment tests?

  1. Students must bring their student ID number and photo ID to the Assessment Center at the appropriate college. Acceptable photo IDs include: Los Rios Student ID card, driver's license/state-issued ID card, high school ID, passport, Lawful Permanent Resident card or other college photo ID card. We will not accept a picture of the ID card on your phone.
  2. Students should prepare to take the ESL, Math Competency or ATB assessment tests by using study resources provided by their college.
  3. Student must be officially “active” or enrolled for classes for the term - fall, spring or summer - at the college where and when they intend to take their assessment tests.

How many times can a student retest?

Students may retest only one time, district wide.

How long is the waiting period before a student can retest?

Students may retest after a 30-calendar-day waiting period.

Can a student test/retest after starting a course sequence?

No. Students may not test or retest after having started the course sequence. However, they may utilize the course challenge process in their college’s appropriate academic department.

Can students retest if their test results / course placements have expired?

Students with expired test results may retest if they have not begun the course sequence. If they have begun the course sequence, they may utilize the course challenge process in their college’s appropriate academic department.




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