Behavioral Intervention Response Team

Report Incident

As a faculty member, staff member, or student, are you concerned about a student's behavior in your classroom or elsewhere? If so, then please fill out the form below. This is not necessarily a punitive action, but perhaps one that can be helpful in preventing similar behaviors in the future. If there is anything that concerns you about any member of the college community, this form will allow us to investigate.

Please be assured of the following:

  • All reports are confidential
  • You will receive acknowledgement that the report has been received and that appropriate action will be taken

The advantages of filing a report?

  • The behavior of the individual will be investigated
  • Concerning behaviors that are inappropriate or unusual will be identified and addressed
  • Immediate threats will result in immediate action

You are the eyes and ears of CRC. Our team cannot be everywhere at once so your contribution is essential to the team’s effectiveness in ensuring the physical and psychological safety of our campus learning community.

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