Disability Support (DSPS)

New Students

New Students

If you are interested in receiving DSPS services, please complete these steps. 

1. Application for Admission If not already enrolled at CRC, complete a Los Rios Community College District online application. Make note of the Student ID number you are given, you will need this to apply for DSPS.

2. Disability Verification. Gather your medical documentation and if possible, scan them to your computer. You must provide documentation of your diagnosis from an authorized professional. If you do not already have documentation, a file icon.Disability Verification Form can be completed by your doctor or appropriate professional. Your high school may also have documentation that you can obtain such as an IEP or 504 Plan.

3. Apply to DSPS. You will be contacted 5-7 business days after you apply and we've had a chance to review your application. If we need any additional information we will let you know.

4. Initial DSPS Appointment. Once your application is complete you will meet with a DSPS counselor. At this appointment your eligibility for services will be determined and any accommodations based on your educational limitations will be outlined. This appointment is one hour long so please plan accordingly.

For more information please contact the DSPS office at (916) 691-7275.

Where to Find Us

Location: BS-104

MON - FRI 8:00am-4:30pm

Phone: (916) 691-7275
Fax: (916) 691-7398

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