Disability Support (DSPS)



A primary goal of DSPS is to assure an equal educational opportunity for the students with disabilities. The services listed below have been designed to ameliorate the architectural, sensory, language, or social barriers that may infringe upon that community.

Academic Advising

DSPS has trained professionals who are available to provide initial individual academic advisement such as a short-term education plan.


Students with disabilities are provided with accommodations based upon individual need in the educational setting resulting directly for the documented disability.

Adaptive P.E. Class

A special class in Adaptive Physical Education for students with physical disabilities is taught by a trained instructor at Cosumnes River College.

Adaptive Technology

Adaptive computer technology is available for use by students with physical, visual, hearing, or learning disabilities. Among those technologies available are screen readers, text enlargers and speech recognition.

Alternate Media and Brailed Materials

Students with visual, learning and severe physical disabilities may have the option of requesting textbooks and class materials in an alternate format (Braille, large print or audio) when appropriate.


Disability counseling is available with the counselor/coordinator of DSPS. If in-depth counseling appears to be indicated, the student will be referred to community resources.

Department of Rehabilitation Liaison

DSPS staff works closely with student's rehabilitation counselor in order to provide effective service coordination.


If you need assistance gaining access to buildings or elevators on campus, you may report this to a DSPS professional who will refer you to an appropriate campus office.

Job Placement

Students receive assistance with job placement through the CalWorks Office.

Note takers

Students with visual, learning or severe physical disabilities are generally eligible for note taker services. Note takers are students enrolled in the same class who share their class notes with the eligible students.

Priority Registration

Most students with a documented disability are generally eligible for priority registration (early registration).

Sign Language Interpreters for the Deaf

DSPS offers classroom interpreting services for hearing-impaired students. Interpreters are scheduled at the beginning of each semester or enrollment period. We must pay the interpreter for the scheduled class time even when a student does not show up for that class. Two "no shows" causes suspension of services. For this reason, before an interpreter is dispatched to that class a third time, the student must inform DSPS that he/she is returning to class and wished an interpreter.

Special Parking

Only those vehicles with a current DMV plaque or Disabled Veteran plate will be allowed to use handicapped parking. Temporary handicapped plaques are available through DMV and students are asked to contact DMV directly. In addition to a DMV placard, a CRC parking permit must also be displayed. The DMV placards do not exempt students from daily/semester parking fees.

Test Accommodations

The DSPS professionals determine appropriate test accommodations to eligible students which generally involves extended test time.


The college does not provide transportation for students with disabilities. Students who have a disability are encouraged to use the Paratransit bus system.


DSPS students have complete access to regular college tutoring services. Hearing impaired students are provided with interpreters to facilitate communication. DSPS students may also be eligible to receive assistance with their class work by enrolling in the DSPS special lab class, HCD 89-Studies Strategies Lab.


For more information please contact the DSP&S office at (916) 691-7275

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