Photo of the exterior brick entrance of the Elk Grove Center.The new EXCELerate Program guarantees you will receive a degree and be transfer-ready in just two years and a summer beginning fall 2015.

What are the benefits of the EXCELerate Program?Students studying in the Elk Grove Center lobby.

  • Cohort model (take classes with others in your major)
  • Study groups
  • Pre-selected classes
  • New state-of- the-art facility
  • Smaller learning environment
  • Support staff dedicated to your success
  • Immediate access to a counselor

Degrees offering:

If you join the EXCELerate Program and commit to enrolling into prescribed classes in the afternoons at the Elk Grove Center, CRC will commit to ensuring you are transfer-ready for a California State University or University of California campus.

Two students at the Elk Grove Center student services window.Only 30 students are permitted in each degree cohort, so sign up now and be the first to take advantage of this incredible opportunity! If you are interested in any of the three degrees listed and have assessed into transfer-level math and English, this unique program is for you!

The EXCELerate Program requires students to sign a Participation Agreement before beginning the program. If accepted, candidates will go through a specialized orientation, which will provide full program details.

I'm interested, what do I do now?

  1. Fill out the Application
  2. Complete the Online Orientation
  3. Take Assessment tests
  4. Apply to EXCELerate Program
  5. Attend an orientation (date is currently TBD) at the Elk Grove Center (Directions to EGC)
    Please contact Jackie at (916) 525-4308 for more information.

Additional Notes:

  • Application will re-open in April
  • Program open until filled
  • Additional courses may be needed depending on major
  • Most classes will be offered at the Elk Grove Center

For more information on the EXCELerate Program call (916) 525-4300.

Apply to EXCELerate (Application will be available in April 2015)