Photo of the exterior brick entrance of the Elk Grove Center.The EXCELerate Program guarantees you will receive a degree and be transfer-ready in just two years and a summer.

What are the benefits of the EXCELerate Program?Students studying in the Elk Grove Center lobby.

  • Take classes with others in your major (cohort model)
  • Study groups
  • Pre-selected classes in your major
  • New state-of- the-art facility
  • Smaller learning environment
  • Support staff & counseling dedicated to your success

Degrees offering are under review now for future cohorts. Keep watching as we prepare for the next cohort group to begin in Fall 2016.

Enrollment in the Fall 2016 cohort is closed now as we make some changes. If you have questions please call the Elk Grove Center at 525-4300 and Amber can give you the latest information.

  • Join the EXCELerate program earn a degree and be ready to transfer to a University of California or a California State University in 2 years and a summer!
  • Commit to a full-time afternoon schedule and enroll in pre-selected classes at the Elk Grove Center and get it done!


The EXCELerate Program requires students to sign a Participation Agreement before beginning the program. If accepted, candidates must agree to register for the classes outlined in the program, attend classes regularly, meet with support staff and the counselor at least once per semester. Also, all accepted students must attend a specialized orientation.

Additional Notes:

  • Program open until filled
  • Additional courses may be needed depending on major
  • Most classes will be offered at the Elk Grove Center

For more information on the EXCELerate Program call (916) 525-4300.

Apply to EXCELerate (closed but opening again before Fall 2016)