Instructional Services

Instructional Services


Library Instruction

The Library offers several different instruction options which are described below.

Class-Specific Instruction

Class-specific orientations are research workshops provided by CRC librarians that are tailored to the specific research needs of individual classes.  They are scheduled during your regular class time. Each workshop aims to provide students with basic library research skills.

Request Library Instruction

Based on our experience, students who attend orientations with a list of possible research topics get more out of the sessions than student who have no topics in mind. For this reason, the library highly recommends instructors have their students come up with several possible topics prior to the scheduled orientation date. If you have questions regarding our library instruction options, please contact Rochelle Perez at perezr (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu.

Online Research Tutorials

The Library offers a new series of Library Research Tutorials in Canvas. Click here to learn more about our Tutorials! If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Emily Bond at emily [dot] bond (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu.

Preventing Plagiarism Guide

Are you tired of grading papers littered with sections pasted from sources without regard to citation rules? Are you looking for ways to incorporate conversations on plagiarism and academic integrity into your classroom? Check out Preventing Plagiarism: A Faculty Resource Guide for ideas and resources to use in your classroom. 

Related Services

Librarian Visits

A librarian will come to your classroom to provide a brief (10 minute) overview of library services and to raise students’ awareness of the resources and workshops available. Please contact Rochelle Perez at perezr (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu if you would like to schedule a class visit.

Course Guides

Upon faculty request, librarians are available to create a course specific research guide. Please contact Emily Bond at bonde (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu if you would like to request a Course Guide.

Program Guides

These guides are designed to highlight Library resources and other research tools that support specific CRC Programs. A complete list is located on the CRC Library Research Guide page.

Unannounced Class Visits to the Library

If instructors intend to provide students with class time for library research, we ask that you take advantage of one of the instructional opportunities described above. These opportunities have been created for the benefit of your students and other library users.

While we encourage student library use, please do NOT bring unscheduled classes into the library. In recent years, student enrollment has increased significantly which has greatly impacted library access. In effect, the majority of library study spaces and computer workstations are occupied during the library’s open hours.  Unscheduled class visits place a strain on library resources and staff and result in increased disturbances to other students. If you would like your class to use the library, please coordinate with a librarian who can present you with a variety of options to help your students learn various aspects of the library including research skills.

For more information on our library instructional opportunities or to book an instructional session for your class, please contact Rochelle Perez at (916) 691-7629 or perezr (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu.

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