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MESA Center.

Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, CIS, and English Courses.

Items 1, 2 and 3 must be completed each semester a student is enrolled in the CRC MESA program.

  1. Submission of a MESA Application/Contract Form or Continuation Form (for returning students) to the CRC MESA center in SCI-104 by October 31st for Fall and by March 31st for Spring.
  2. Submission of two MESA Student Progress Reports to the CRC MESA center SCI-104 by its due date (see below for due dates). 
  3. Have a current Student Educational Plan (SEP) and/or updated changes (every two years) on file with the MESA Center. 
  4. Fall Semester Orientation Course(s) @ .5 units--Interdisciplinary 310 and 311/or Indis. 312.

Information for first time and new students applying for MESA

Please only use the MESA enrollment forms for the academic year you are applying for and make sure you follow the instructions below:

***Please carefully read the following application instructions before starting the application process

  1. Fill out the MESA application form online and print. MESA Application Form.
  2. Contact the MESA Clerk on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday to schedule an appointment with Teresa Aldredge, Counselor, or the new MESA Counselor for your "SEP."
  3. Bring your completed Application, SEP, unofficial CRC Transcript, and meet with: Michael Carney, MESA Director, at the MESA Center, Science Building, SCI-104 OR contact the MESA Clerk on MWF at 691-7612, villalj (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu, or in person, SCI-104B, to schedule an appointment with Michael Carney.

Information for continuing MESA students (complete every semester)

  1. Request the printed "Continuation Form" from the MESA Clerk, Student Coordinator, or Director-Michael Carney, or fill out the form online and print from here: MESA Continuation Form.
  2. Complete the form and provide it to the MESA Clerk Julia Villalobos, Student Coordinator, or Director Michael Carney. Stop by the MESA Center, Science Building, SCI-104, for more information.


Student Progress Report (SPR) for continuing students

Instructions to the student:

The Student Progress Report (SPR) is one of the ways MESA/CCP works with you to monitor your academic progress. You will submit one progress report each semester. This report will be due during week thirteen of the semester.

  1. Request the printed SPR form from the MESA Clerk, Student Coordinator, or Director-Michael Carney, or print the form from the links below.
  2. Complete the following items in this SPR:  Your name, student ID number, course title and instructor’s name.
  3. Take the SPR to each of your instructors for their completion and signature.  We encourage you to meet with all of your instructors during the office hours to discuss progress.  Please include all courses from other colleges.
  4. Return the completed SPR to the MESA Center, Science Building, SCI-104, on or before the deadline date.  This date will change each semester to be one week after midterms and/or one week before the last day to drop.

​ Student Progress Report is Due:  TBA

Instructions to the instructor:

Please enter the appropriate response to report this student's progress standing at week four and at week thirteen. If you have specific concerns or suggestions, please note in the “Instructor’s Comments” section.

The MESA Program encourages students to meet with the instructors during their office hours to complete the Student Progress Report.