Student Life and Leadership Center

Club Sign-Ups

Advocates for Change (formerly Early childhood Development)
Purpose: To advocate for the education of young children families and communities.
African Student Association
Purpose: To enlighten different cultures about Africa’s history as well as our culture. We also plan to showcase dance, food, and fashion.
Agriculture Ambassadors Club
Purpose: To promote agriculture education through the implementation of vocational principles.
Alpha Warriors Dance Crew
Purpose: We are an inspirational group that inspires students to stay out of trouble, do well in school and to have a good time. We’re not your typical hip-hop dance group. We also do jazz, Latin dances, freestyle and break dancing.
Ambassadors Club-CRC
Purpose: To create opportunities to help students meet one another, build relationships and feel connected to the college and experienced college pride.
African American Male Educational Network and Development (A2MEND) Club-CRC
Purpose: To support the academic and personal success of African American male students through mentorship, fellowship and unity.
Anime Club-CRC
Purpose: To educate people about the differences between American and Japanese cartoons. Give the history of Anime, and help people open up to others.
Architecture Students Association
Purpose: To associate with students, instructors, professionals and practicing architects in the community. To learn more about the profession of architecture through exchange of thoughts ideas, and philosophy with others.
Association of Veterinary Technician Trainees
Purpose: To involve members with the college and community and educate others about pet health.
Black Student Union
Purpose: To establish a bond between Black students, faculty, and the CRC Community in promoting educational opportunities and an awareness of black culture and current events involving African Americans in the Arts to provide a sense of kinship and identity.
Chemistry Club
Purpose: To increase awareness and appreciation of chemistry.
Chess Club
Purpose: To use the game of chess to learn strategies and critical thinking skills.
Cheer Club
Purpose: To bring life and positivity to the campus and sports provided at CRC. Cheerleaders using cheers, dances, and pom-poms will rally the teams to do their best to succeed. The club is for beginners and up.
Club Puente
Purpose: To promote higher education within CRC, the community and with our members.
Diop Club
Purpose: To develop a community of African American Students who desire to achieve maximum academic and personal success.
Diversity Student Association
Purpose: To assist students academically and individually by promoting diversity in the academic environment and speak to students and staff to create cultural and academic understanding.
Drama Club
Purpose: To promote and create Theatre in a community that welcomes all people in all capacities and backgrounds; and to encourage students to try new things and experiences.
Farm to Fork Club
Purpose: To learn more about local eating, local growing and the importance of eating local.
Gay Straight Alliance
Purpose: To give a safe space to all. We are here to spread love and not pass judgement. GSA is here to help students make friends and feel comfortable with being who you are.
Hip-Hop and Poetry Club
Purpose: To create an environment that welcomes and allows students from diverse cultures to perform, listen and discuss hip-hop music and poetry. They strive to unite the entire campus through collaboration and creativity.
Hmong Opening New Opportunities in Radiance (H.O.N.O.R.) Club
Purpose: To raise awareness and learn Hmong culture through workshops on Hmong history, wedding rules, traditional dances, sewing, food, and much more. H.O.N.O.R. will also provide community service, networking, and outreach to the Hmong youths and the community. Everyone is welcome and members will have the opportunity to voice their ideas as well.
Incandescent Films Club
Purpose: To screen rare or popular films, produce short films and to provide a means of networking for the film makers her at CRC.
International Life Club
Purpose: To assist and support international students at CRC in all ways possible. The club also aims to provide opportunities to international students as well as build them into people who serve others, and help equip them to make a difference.
Investors and Finance Relations Club
Purpose: To learn how to invest stocks in real-time markets and establish understanding of other investment mediums.
League of Legends-CRC
Purpose: To bring together students that play League of Legends and to create a warm community.
Muslim Student Association
Purpose: To provide a place for Muslim and non-Muslim students and faculty to learn about Islam and be involved in their community.
Native American Alliance Club
Purpose: To spread cultural awareness; embrace the heritage of Indigenous people and to help foster student empowerment through campus involvement and advocacy.
Need A Hand (N.A.H)
Purpose: To help anyone who has been dealing with depression, bullying and suicidal to come to the club and give a little helping hand to talk about it and get through it.
Purpose: To provide a place to explore fandoms and discuss interests and provide a non-judgmental place for students to shape and discuss favorite comic books, movies, cosplay and anything else considered “nerdy”.
Outdoors Club
Purpose:  To promote and explore nature, the outdoors and outdoor activities.
Pacific Islander
Purpose: To promote the cultural aspect of Asian Pacific Islanders through dances and performances such as Haka, Hula, Tinikling, etc. It is open to all who are interested in learning the dance and culture.
Peer Health Educators Club
Purpose: To promote community health awareness, and to inform, educate and guide students interested in pursuing careers in health.
Perfect Imperfection Club
Purpose: To inspire students between the ages of 18-25 (Millennials) to follow their dreams before it’s too late and they regret what they should have done. By motivating them, we are going to incorporate this through dancing and through our music.
Pokémon Go Club
Purpose: A place/club to meet up and play Pokémon Go together for raids; give information in said game community to help one another catch Pokémon and where to find them. Overall, just have fun and meet new people along the way.
Students for Life-CRC
Purpose: To promote the sanctity of life, and to offer alternatives to abortion. Student members may sponsor informational sessions, pro-life displays and mobile services, and speakers/films on campus.
Student Group Therapy Club
Purpose: To allow students to speak with others about things that have happened to them. Gives them a safe environment to work through issues and allows them to meet other people who have been though similar problems. Helps student learn new ways to cope and deal with stressful situations.
Students for Sustainable Future Club
Purpose: To promote sustainability and environmentalism through education, advocacy, and activism both on campus and in our communities.
Super Smash Club
Purpose: To set up a great place for the smash community to meet up on campus, pay a few sets and meet new people. We welcome new player as well as veterans.
Thrive on Plants Club
Purpose: To support greater wellness through whole food plant-based choices, joyful movement, and mindful practices. To fulfill our potential while celebrating life.
Veterans Club
Purpose: To provide resources and positive environment for veteran dependents. To give back to the community and provide fun activities for all members for the club.
Vietnamese Student Association
Purpose: To promote the unity of Vietnamese-American students on campus.
Wrestling Club
Purpose: To watch wrestling matches, discuss the matches and the wrestlers including their athletic and personal backgrounds, and their motivation for the sport; and make lists of the top ten wrestlers in the field of wrestling.
Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)-CRC
Purpose: To promote the success of women as college students to attain advance degrees, careers, and position of leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.