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ENGWR 101, College Writing, 4 units

This writing course, designed to prepare the student for ENGWR 300, will focus on reading and writing as integrally related skills. Students will study and practice such things as the writing process, summarizing, critical thinking, creating clear/varied correct sentences and incorporating sources as they develop the skills necessary to write a variety of focused, developed, organized essays. Students will be responsible for writing at least six full-process essays. The course may include a departmental final.

ENGLB 70, Reading & Writing Laboratory, .5 units

This laboratory course provides assistance in writing skills to students in all subject areas. Students may enter the course at any time during the first 9 weeks of the semester and earn either .5 or 1 unit. This course is graded on a credit/no credit basis. ENGLB 70 is recommended for students who are encountering difficulties in writing, spelling, sentence structure, paragraph or essay structure, and who would benefit from individual tutor/instructor assistance.

HCD 110, Building Foundations for Success, 3 units

This course provides success strategies and support services to entry level students. The strategies and support services are threaded through three critical areas that enhance student success: academic skills, personal life management, and educational navigation.


ENGWR 300, College Composition, 3 units

This course offers instruction in critical thinking, reading and writing, and is designed to help the student demonstrate, in both argumentative and expository prose, sound logic and/or argumentation, clear organization,, precise diction, and appropriate style. Throughout the course, fluency and correctness are emphasized.

ENGLB 72, Reading & Writing Laboratory, .5 units

Writing Center II is an independent study course designed to provide one-on-one assistance for students who experience significant difficulty in writing. The course may be added until the end of the 9th week of the regular semester.

HCD 310, College Success, 3 units

This course is designed to assist students in obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary to reach their educational objectives. Topics to be covered include: motivation and discipline, memory development, time management, communication skills, career planning, study skills and techniques, question-asking skills and personal issues that face many college students, Campus resources and information competency will also be covered.