ACCT 111
Cost Accounting
3 Units
Prerequisite: ACCT 301 with a grade of "C" or better
Advisory: ACCT 311
Enrollment Limitation: Upon entering this course, ACCT 111, the student should be able to (a) analyze the flow of costs to the Income Statement and Balance Sheet, (b) prepare entries for inventories associated with various types of firms including manufacturing, (c) classify costs, and (d) prepare and interpret financial statements under varying cost assumptions. RATIONALE: These entrance skills, which are taught in ACCT 301, will be built upon in ACCT 111, which is the continuation of the study of accounting. ACCT 111 will focus on cost accounting principles and practices, with a particular emphasis on cost flow and analysis. Accordingly, ACCT 301 is to be required as a sequential prerequisite to lead into this course, ACCT 111.
Hours: 54 hours LEC
This course is an introduction to cost accounting methods, including job order, process and standard cost systems. Special attention will be given to management uses of cost accounting. This course is not intended for transfer to a four-year college.