BUS 215
Entrepreneurial Opportunity and Business Planning
3 Units
Prerequisite: None.
Hours: 54 hours LEC
This course provides students with insight and knowledge into developing their entrepreneurial opportunity and creating a business plan for it. Students will research entrepreneurial ideas and determine how to turn an idea into a successful startup enterprise given the current and anticipated demographic, technological and social climates. Students will also be offered an organized, step-by-step approach to preparing a business plan. Once students are able to assess the feasibility of their own business ideas based on their personal strengths, skills, and financial goals, they will develop and produce a comprehensive business plan. Students will analyze the organization and management of a new business and map out how to execute a new business venture. The plan will enable the students to solve problems "on paper" before they become operational or money problems. Students with little entrepreneurial experience or have business idea they would like to pursue will benefit from this course.