VT 120
Pharmacology and Anesthesiology for the Veterinary Technician
4 Units
Prerequisite: VT 111 and 113 with grades of "C" or better
Hours: 54 hours LEC; 72 hours LAB
This course will lay the foundation for the students' understanding of pharmacological agents. Drugs will be discussed according to classification, action, method of administration and dispensing (including procedures for scheduled drugs). Injectable and inhalation anesthetic agents will be discussed and demonstrated during surgical laboratory exercises. Students will have an opportunity to work with two types of inhalation anesthetic agents. All students will rotate through various surgical positions where they will enhance their knowledge of equipment and job tasks required of the surgical assistant and anesthesia monitor. Students will learn intravenous catheterization and fluid therapy. Students will be required to spend 2-6hrs /week during assigned times in the care of the colony animals. Time may include weekends and holidays as well as semester break. Students will also be assigned a dog and cat which will require an additional 140 min/wk for obedience training, socialization and grooming.